D-Sub RF Cable Sets

RF Coaxial Cable Sets - MIL-24308

MIL-24308 D-Sub Based RF Coaxial Cable Sets, DC-18 GHz, MF05 Series

Avoid Multiple Coaxial Cables • Quick Assemble/Disassemble • MIL-24308 compliant Connectors

Our MIL-24308 D-Sub connectors based RF Cable Sets are ideal for military applications where panel space is at a premium. Instead of using a bunch of RF cables the designer can choose 1 single cable set with D-Sub connectors and with multiple wire configurations.


  • MIL-24308 D-Sub connectors
  • MIL-39029 compliant Hi-Frequency Coaxial Inserts
  • 2 varieties available for different price ranges for different frequencies : 1 GHz & 18 GHz
  • Many combinations of channels available including 3 wire, 8 wire. Pls contact us for custom versions
  • Imported Hi-Frequency cable conforms to MIL-C-17