Ultra Low Loss RF Cable Sets

Ultra Low Loss RF Cable Sets ULL04-Series

Phase Stable & Ultra Low Loss DC~18 GHz Pre-Connectorized RF Cable Sets

ULL04 Series

ULL04-Series are ultra low loss and phase stable (with bending) RF Cable Sets. Incorporate low density e-PTFE taped cables and low VSWR connectors.

  • Proprietary MIL-C-17 conformant cable
  • Imported SMA, N & TNC Connectors
  • Loss and VSWR are stable with flexing/bending
  • Shielding Effectiveness over 90dB
  • High temperature FEP jacket for harsh environment application
  • Ultra Low Loss, DC~18 GHz (much lower loss than solid PTFE cables)


  • Radars, EW Systems where lowest loss and phase stability are important
  • Interconnect within LRU’s in military systems
  • Test Cables for environmental & temperature chambers testing
  • Harsh environments demanding lowest loss
Ultra Low Loss Pre-Connectorized RF Cable Sets ULL05 Series

Phase Stable & Ultra Low Loss, Pre-Connectorized RF Cable Sets

ULL05 Series

ULL05 series cable sets have been constructed specially for harsh military and defense applications demanding rugged interconnects with lowest loss and high phase stability. Ultra low loss cable and precision stainless steel connectors with split solder sleeves form the basis of this highly durable product.

  • Proprietary Triple Shielded Ultra Low Loss Cable conformant to MIL-C-17
  • MIL-PRF-39012 conformant connectors (CONFORMANT MIL STANDARDS)
  • Cable conforms to MIL-C-17
  • Connectors conform to MIL-PRF-39012


  • Radar systems, electronic warfare
  • Harsh military and defense system
  • Interconnection of LRU’s in military systems
  • Environmental test chambers
Low Loss Triple Shielded HF18G Series Cables

Ultra Low Loss, Triple Shielded, DC~18 GHz Pre-Connectorized Cable Sets

HF18G Series

  • Ultra Low Loss 0.25 dB/feet @18GHz
  • Phase Stable with temperature Ultra Low Loss Phase Stable
  • Triple-Shielded, better than -90dB shielding


  • Radars, EW Systems for lowest loss and phase stability.
  • Conform to airborne needs of temp. cycling, vibration etc.
  • Applications needing ultra phase stable cables
  • Test cables for Hi-Vacuum chambers


  • Ultra Low Loss in DC~18 GHz range (much lower loss than solid PTFE dielectric cable)
  • Loss, VSWR & Phase are stable with bending
  • High temperature dielectric & jacketing for harsh environment application (up to + 150 C)