Expanded Beam Tactical Fiber Optic Cable Sets

Expanded Beam Connectors
MIL-C-85045 Fiber Optic Cable for Military

Expanded Beam Tactical Fiber Optic Cable Sets


These Expanded Beam Tactical Fiber Optic cable sets are for HARSH military applications, esp. for quick field deployment & retrieval due to reduced size/weight.

Expanded Beam connectors are far more rugged for field applications and pose no cleaning problems as compared to physical contact connectors like MIL38999 or TFOCAII. Based on MIL-C-85045 conformant tactical cable which is extremely strong, lightweight, & rugged. Available in deployable reels.

  • MIL-C-85045 Conformant, Optical Cable Corp., USA or equivalent Fiber Optic cable
  • Imported Expanded Beam connectors

Expanded beam advantages:

  • Hermaphroditic Genderless mating
  • Easy to clean in the field.
  • Easy to align (repeatable performance)
  • Non contact design – highly resistant to dirt as fiber is inside ball lenses
  • Vibration resistant

Harsh Environment Applications:

  • Radars, Military Systems, Ground Control Systems, Launchers etc.
  • Excellent for deployment/retrieval applications like tactical communications.
  • Designed for extreme environmental conditions – temperature, humidity, ice, fungus and fluid immersion.
  • Rugged fiber optic cable with high tensile load for high survivability in severe crush, impact, vehicle runover, deployment and retrieval conditions.
  • Extremely strong, lightweight, rugged, survivable cable design for military use.
  • Polyurethane jacketed for abrasion, cut and chemical resistance.