Hi-Power RF Cables for Nuclear and Hi-Power RF Applications

SHV/MHV RF Cable Sets for Nuclear Applications

SHV/MHV RF Cable Sets for upto 5KV DC use in Nuclear Instrumentation

SHV Connectors used comply to NIM ND-545 Standard

HV… series Cable Sets have been designed for use in high voltage applications of upto 5KV DC, typically in nuclear instrumentation applications. Main feature of the SHV/MHV connectors is that the center contacts are deeply recessed into the dielectric to prevent shock in unmated condition.

These cable sets use high quality imported SHV/MHV connectors from European/Japanese/US sources that adhere to IEC and NIM ND-545. We can provide the finished cable sets as per your asked lengths, cable type and small quantities.


  • SHV/MHV Series Connectors
  • Interface acc. to IEC and NIM ND-545
  • Bayonet coupling, inner conductor recessed in dielectric
  • MIL-C-17 conforming Cable


  • Particle physics research
  • Nuclear Instrumentation