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Fiber Optic Reference types Cable Sets for Loss Testing
Tactical MIL-38999 & Expanded Beam Fiber Optic Cable Sets for Military Systems: Radars, EW Programs, Launchers etc.
Fiber / RF Converters
Thermal Vacuum Test Cable Sets for Thermal Vacuum Chambers
DuraTest T&M Cable Sets with Phase/VSWR Stability
Ultra low loss Phase Matched and Phase Stable cable Sets for L/S/C/X-Band Active Phase Arrays, SMA & N Connectors
MF02 Multi-Flex Cable Sets eliminate routing problems
LL58 RG Replacement, 30% Lower Loss than RG223, RG58
Wideband Airborne Type 0.5~18GHz Cable Sets
Low Loss Handformable DC~18GHz Cable Sets
LL40 Cable Sets, Flexible alternative to Corrugated Cable
Telegartner Germany range of N Panel Connectors & Adaptors
SMA & Ka-Band Connectors, Panel & PCB Mount Receptacles Bulkhead Connectors, in-series & between-series Adaptors
7/16 Panel Mount Connectors & Adaptors of Spinner Germany
High Power Coaxial Attenuators, variable Attenuators upto 18 GHz
K(2.92mm), SMA, TNC, SMB, BNC, N & 7/16 Adaptors Straight, Right Angle, Panel Mount, Bulkhead & Tees
High Power Coaxial RF Loads upto 18 GHz & 50 kW ratings